Wednesday, April 28, 2010

18 month appointment

Today we had the boys' 18 month well appointment, which ended up lasting a little over two hours!  Overall, they are doing well, but we are still trying to figure out what is going on with what we think are allergies!  Carter has had a cough and runny nose for weeks, but his lungs were completely clear.  Dylan has had the same, but he didn't like the sound of his lungs.  So he thought we should do a chest xray to make sure he didn't have pneumonia.  We had to do a chest xray when he was 4 months and I was not there, so this was my first experience.  I pulled this image from the web, because I did not anticipate the situation.  They made him put his little legs through these two holes in this table, hold up his arms and crunched him with this plastic tube.  She preferred that he was crying because it helps to get a more clear picture.  So of course he started crying instantly when put into this thing and I started to try and calm him and talk to him so he knew I was with him even though he couldn't see me, but the tech asked me to stop so she could get a good image.  I FELT AWFUL!!!  Luckily it didn't take to long.  But seriously, this thing is just mean. 
His xray came back great.  They also took blood for both boys and are running allergy tests for them.  In the mean time, we have Carter on Allegra and Dylan on Zyrtec and a new neb steroid.  So we will be back to doing that 2x a day:(  He is also thinking his tear ducts may have a clog again, so we need to make an appointment to see the eye guy again.  We will go back next week, so the doctor can listen to Dylan's lungs again and we will see the results from the blood work. 

Another concern I had was I noticed Dylan had a vertical ridge on his forehead.  I probably wouldn't have thought too much about it, but my girlfriend had just experienced this with her daughter.  He confirmed that the ridge is from the suture closing sooner than normal, but he wasn't concerned about it at all. 
Coincidence or "twin thing"
Today Carter was lying on the bed and the nurses were prepping to draw blood and I was holding Dylan.  Strangest thing, the second that needle went into Carter, Dylan screamed and started to cry.  Carter didn't cry at all! 
The Stats:

Weight:  26 lbs, 5oz (55%)
Height:  34" (90%)
Head:  19.3"  (81%)

Weight:  27 lbs, 13oz (74%)
Height:  33.5" (81%)
Head:  19"  (63%)

This is the biggest weight difference they have had. Usually they are within a pound of each other.

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K'Lyn Uhl said...

Oh my goodness! I would cry too if I were put into that contraption! Poor little guy. At least the x-rays were clear though!

Accustomed Chaos said...

your boys are adorable!! I would be freaking if i had to have my LO's have a chest xray! when my daughter was 2 she had to have a bunch of blood tests done and that was enough for me!

Stopping in from SITS

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

Jon and Jennifer said...

I hear ya on the allergy thing...we had them both on Zyrtec and the she perscribed Singular for Joel, which isn't cheap $150 but with insurance $30 but still! Then one night we forgot to give it to them and the next day and then we stopped giving it and the what we thought were allergies was probably just a reminent from the colds they had. So hopefully they won't end up actaully having allergies!

Josh and Anna said...

Evan had to have a chest X-ray back in December when he had Croup and I was almost crying with him when they put him in that thing. I'm just thankful that he's young enough that he shouldn't remember it!

amanda said...

Hi There!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your twins are adorable!

MJ Lamon said...

Bennett has had 2 chest x-rays that confirmed Pneumonia both times. Brett was there the first time and I was pregnant the second time so they didn't let me go in. I am a trained Child Life Specialist so I got to believe there is a better way to do this exam. I'm going to look into this. I couldn't handle the screaming from outside the room.

Thanks for the sand box offer. It would be great to get the boys together but might be better once E and B figure out how to walk. I don't know if they can keep up with your boys quite yet.

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

The boys look SO identical in that last picture... do my boys look as identical as yours do to me? I always wonder that.

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

So I guess that solves it- we can tell our own kids apart cause we know them. Good to know!


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