Thursday, April 1, 2010

17 months

{Carter above, Dylan below}

{Dylan left, Carter right}

{Every time I tell Dylan to smile for the camera, this is the face I get. I love it though!}

17 Months! Where does the time go, I was just looking back at some old posts and completely forgot we blocked off our living room with the ottoman for a few months. I think I would need to put up a brick wall to block these two from anything these days. So here is a little bit about these two at 17 months:
  • Both love listening to stories and love if we sing to them, too bad I can't sing a tune for the life of me
  • I think we are starting to enter the world of tantrums, both can be on the dramatic side
  • They LOVE to climb and run around
  • They are getting so tall and can open all the doors with lever handles and they can pretty much see what is on the counter, so you can't hide much from them anymore
  • They are still completely fascinated by Stella's dog food, yesterday Dylan dumped the entire bowl of water on the floor, but then he got a dish towel out of the drawer. So I guess he is learning something!
  • They are so aware of what we do and they will copy what we do quite a bit, like if you point at Dylan because he is doing something naughty, he will point back at you and shake his finger or in the morning I will use my makeup brush, then sometimes they will put on their "blush."
  • Carter does NOT like socks!
  • They sure enjoy American Idol.
  • They like to force feed me food, and I mean force feed. I gave each of them a peep and the next thing I knew, they were trying to cram both of them in my mouth. And I don't like peeps!
  • They still don't say a lot of words but are really jabbering a ton and starting to say parts of lots of words. Carter seems to be saying more words, he is good with the "b" words like ball, bubble, boo, and for some reason he is always saying buuuuhhhhh BUH and I have no idea what he means by it
  • I love when they make the tiger sound
  • They are obsessed with our alarm clock and turn the radio on every time they go into our room
  • Some of their favorite things to play with are: kitchen, anywhere outside, blocks, blankets, books, push-cars, tent tunnels, sit and spin (really just the music part) & tormenting Stella
  • They love playing peek-a-boo with their blankets and behind the curtains. They have the most fun with our kitchen curtains, Carter plays in them almost every night.
  • They are almost always in the best of moods about an hour before bedtime and then you never want to put them in bed.
  • Eating is still a battle, but they have been doing better this week. It is funny because with their highchairs we didn't really designate a chair to each, but with their booster seats, they go right to the same chair every meal.
  • Dylan used to always sit on top of Carter and take his pacifier, but lately Carter has been sitting on top of Dylan and snatching his pacifier. Even though Dylan totally deserves it, we usually pull Carter off pretty quick because he is a pretty heavy little dude.
  • They give some really good bear hugs!
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