Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some of our favorite backyard games!

I think we have logged more hours in the backyard this summer than we have the entire time we have lived at our house!  Here are some of the boys' favorite games....
Dylan is really into these rocks by our deck.  He usually brings them to me, and I of course thank him and sneak them back to where they belong.  Of course, we are getting a collection in the sandbox.
Carter loves to swing!  Usually he goes in the kid swing a couple times a night, but the last couple nights, he has figured out how to swing like this.  Works for me! 
This is my favorite game by the big swing set!  Dylan does this about every night, I love it because it means I am not having to stand behind them making sure they don't fall off a ladder. 
And of course, climbing up the slide is a favorite!! Even I don't mind this one.  Again, MUCH safer than the ladder. 
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just another Belle said...

your boys are adorable! I love twins. and those vests/shirts are just too stinkin cute! :) thanks for stopping by!


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