Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My wild boys!

Always getting into something! Last week I was picking them up from daycare and had been working on rounding them up for about 5 minutes, when a mom of another set of twins came in to pick up her girls who are also 17 months. She quickly walked in, said lets go and they just followed her out! Every time I see them going in and out, they are never being held and just walk where they are supposed to without holding their parents' hands. So I said to the teacher that they seem to be a little bit better of listeners than the boys and she laughed a little as I was wrestling them down to leave and said well you know the girls are generally a little better at this age. So I'm hoping all this chasing now means they will turn into sweet little angels as teenagers and we can avoid the teenage drama that all the girl moms have to go through.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

TOTALLY agree Jess!! Our boys will be angels at that age compared to moms of girls!!

The Bormann Family said...

Of course I tell myself that to make me feel better now, but I still hope to have a little girl someday too!

MJ Lamon said...

Love to see what the boys are up to. Kid of gives me a glimpse into my future!


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