Monday, October 5, 2009


Things seem to be getting a little better at the Bormann household. It was great to have dad back in the house! I'm not sure what is going on with Carter, but last night and tonight he was just screaming and screaming at bedtime.

Both had two dirty diapers within the first hour they were up today, so we decided enough was enough and we got them into the doctor's office this morning. After many disappointing Urgent Care visits, I'm truly starting to appreciate Pediatricians!

The ER doctor had prescribed Augmentin for Carter's ear infection, so the first thing the doctor said was "I'm glad they prescribed a laxative for diarrhea". Then he said Carter's ears looked good and it looked like he was misdiagnosed; however, his throat was very red and raw. He did a strep test, which came back negative. Dylan ended up having pink eye. He asked us if we had drops at home and when we said about 8 kinds, he questioned why he has had pink eye so many times and said kids his age should only get it once or twice. So we will have to investigate that further at his 1 year appointment. Otherwise he said he hates when kids have diarrhea because he rarely has a solution for it. So they must have some sort of virus and are teething, so we will just need to survive for a few more days until things get back to normal.

Both seemed to be in much better spirits tonight until bedtime. My mom went back home today, I'm sure she was glad to get out of our house after 4 days of fussy babies.

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