Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bryce & Jill's wedding

A couple weeks ago we went back to Iowa for Bryce and Jill's wedding. The wedding was very nice and I think they had the cutest bridesmaid dresses I have ever seen. (Sorry I don't have any pics.) It was a lot of fun to get back and see everyone! We finally got to me the Water's twins. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. We left our camera in the car.

The boys had a great time running around on the dance floor with all the other kids. It was a challenge to keep Dylan away from all the DJ equipment, such an electronic nerd already. My two year old nephew Cade was there and he was tearing up the dance floor. I have no idea where he got all his moves, but he was cracking me up!

Dylan and Carter may have both walked away with girlfriends. Dylan and Lucy hit it off right away and were so cute playing together (again no pics:(() Then at one point, Carter was corned by two girls and Aliah Marks gave him a big kiss on the cheek. And boy did that give him a BIG smile! Lesson here... we are going to have to watch out for these two when they get older.

I would have liked to have stayed at the wedding longer and go on the party bus with everyone, but this girl doesn't make past midnight too often anymore.

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