Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am behind on blogging and here is why....

This has been one of the toughest weeks we have had in a LONG time! The week started out bad Monday morning when Dylan had two dirty diapers within the first hour of being awake. So we decided to keep him home from daycare. So I stayed home most of the day and went back into work around 3ish. Tuesday, both boys were OK, but we took them to the ENT and they were super wild getting into everything. I think Keith and I were both glad to get back to the office.

By Thursday morning, Carter had the diarrhea too, so we kept him home. We were both swamped at work last week and had been working late at night and by Thursday, neither of us could really easily stay home. My mom had been planning on coming up, so I called her early Thursday morning and she ended up leaving early and got here around 2 pm. Things were started to look better Thursday evening.

Well, it was a good thing mom came up early. Keith went to KC early Friday morning for the weekend and I had to spend a majority of the day in Austin for a meeting so, without a doubt, I was certain that one of the boys would end up getting sent home. Sure enough, Carter got sent home at about 10:00 with a fever and I was crossing my fingers all day that Dylan wouldn't get sent home too.

Things seemed OK Friday night and we got the boys to bed without a problem. I was exhausted from the long week and decided to go to bed at 10:00, but woke up at 12:00 to Carter screaming. I took his temp and he was at 104.2. I gave him gave him Tylenol and a cool bath which helped, but when my thermometer quit working and he was extremely irritable, I finally decided to take him into the ER. So we were there until about 3:30. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.

We were hopeful that Saturday would be a better day. We thought we would take the boys shopping for a while. We got about two blocks from my house and heard a big splat! Carter vomited all over. So we turned around and went straight home! He ended up having a fever around 102 all day. I felt terrible for the little guy, he seemed so miserable all day. He would just lay on the pillow looking so sad! We got him to sleep OK, but then he woke up around 11:00 and wouldn't sleep in his crib. So he ended up sleeping with me, which made me nervous all night because I was afraid he would roll off the bed. So I pretty much hung onto him all night, but he just tossed and turned the entire night.

It was a good thing my mom was here to help, I'm not sure if I would have survived. Both boys had the bid D pretty much the entire weekend, so she changed A LOT of dirty diapers. And they were super crabby, so she got more screaming than love. They both seem to be doing better today. Hope this week goes better!

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Jon and Jennifer said...

OMG sounds like you had a mesiearable weekend and of course Keith wasn't home!! At least your mom was able to come up!! Hope your week is better this week!

krmccord said...

Sounds stressful and exhausting! I hope you have a better week this week!!!!

Kellie said...

Poor boys! Being sick is the worst! I hope Keith gives you a nice long backrub tonight for all the hard work you did this weekend while he was out enjoying football. :) Hint, hint Keith. Haha! Monday night football? Kegerator is ready to go tonight!

The Bormann Family said...

It was good for Keith to get away for a weekend, but it sure would be a lot easier if the boys didn't end up being sick all weekend.


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