Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So many thoughts....

One year ago from this very moment I can't even begin to explain how many thoughts were going through my head. I'm a little more of a lover of "surprises" than knowing exactly what is going to happen. And when you are scheduled for an early morning c-section and know the exact time your life is going to change forever.... I would say it is a little bit hard to relax for those last few hours preceding the big event.

I could have used a solid weeks worth of sleep to prepare me for what was about to happen, but I probably got about two hours of light sleep the night before the boys were born. The curiosity of whether we were soon to be parents of two boys, two girls or one of each was about to kill me. I wondered if they would look more like me or more like Keith. I was so nervous and praying about every hour that we would be blessed with healthy babies. I was a little bit, or A LOT, scared that I would have no idea what to do once they put these little babies in my arms. OH.. and that there were TWO BABIES!! Wow, my stomach bubbles a little bit now thinking back to that night. Most of all, the biggest change of my life was about to happen. Keith and I walked into that hospital as a young little couple and walked out of that hospital as a family with two beautiful little boys into an entire new world. It's been quite a journey. Sometimes I still pinch myself wondering if it is all real.

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Andrea said...

Congrats on 1 year with your beautiful boys!

Jon and Jennifer said...

Happy Birthing Day and Happy Birthday Dylan and Carter!


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