Saturday, October 24, 2009

Double Trouble is RIGHT!

(If you look close, you will see Carter behind the crib), I went back to their room and both were behind the crib trying to pull the cords off of the wall.

These two are really getting tough to keep up with! My friend Sara brought her 8 month old, Dane, to the boy's birthday party and he was so sweet and so good, sitting in his mom's lap the ENTIRE evening. He didn't say a peep, just lots of smiles. It got me thinking that I don't remember the last time the boys sat still for that long or even 5 minutes for the that matter. They are ALWAYS on the go and seem to be getting into lots of trouble!

I would say Dylan is the bigger trouble maker. Their new thing now is to CLIMB! They are really into climbing on the fireplace, then stand up, then fall off! If we aren't pulling them off that, we are pulling them away from the buttons on the TV, pulling them away from poor Stella (she isn't going to have any hair if they keep going after her), pulling them away from Stella's food, keeping them out of the toilet, keeping them out of the cupboards- their little arms and hands can still reach in and grab things with the clips. You name it, they are getting into it!

Yes, if that lego table is close to the fireplace they will climb up on to it as a stepping stone to the fireplace.

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