Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bye, bye ear infections...hello tubes!

We had to be at Ridges hospital in Burnsville by 6:30 this morning for the boys' surgery. I felt terrible all morning because we couldn't feed them anything this morning. So this morning when we left, we quickly packed up the car, put on their coats and hopped into the car- trying to keep them sound asleep.
On Monday when we went to our pre-op physical, Dr. Stealy thought Dylan had a clogged tear duct as his eye was all goopy after a week of being on eye drops. He recommended we postpone the surgery until we can do both operations at once so he would only need to be put under once. Two days before surgery, the likelihood of both doctors being able to perform the surgeries was slim. However, the clinic had attempted to schedule with the eye doctor but learned he had a broken hand:( I took Dylan in anyway yesterday morning to confirm that he did have a clogged tear duct. And after talking to the doctor, he thought he would be able to make it work and he only had a broken thumb and thought he would be able to do this procedure without any issues. So Keith and I were really happy that we were able to do everything today!!!

Both surgeries went well and the doctor was surprised to find Dylan's tear duct was clogged worse than he had thought, so it was good we moved forward with the procedure. Unfortunately, the boys didn't do very well coming out of the anesthetic. Especially Dylan! I have never heard him cry so hard and so loud. It took about an hour to get him calmed down. Carter cried some and was fussy, but not quite like Dylan.
I think we will be having a pajama party for the rest of the day! Hopefully the boys will be back to their normal busy selves by tomorrow.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

oh Jess, they look so sad sitting on their chairs...poor kiddos!! i'm glad both surgeries went well. Hopefully it stays unclogged. I think we are going to have to have Jackson's done again and have a stint put in. poor guy has to go under again!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter