Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bormann Christmas Part I

Looks like my fam is impressed by Oliver's Buzz.

We had the Bormann Christmas at our house this year (house only - Susie did all the meal and all the hard work!)  We lucked out to have a good Christmas.  The day before Carter had a touch of the flu and that morning Dylan woke up with it.  I think all of us were a bit scared we would all be ill within a matter of time. So we all loaded up on EmergenC - somehow, the bug managed to stick with the boys and Dylan had a miricle boost of energy and was doing much better and able to partake in the activities.  

The boys were impressed by Sarah's wrapping!
They got new shaving kits!  My little men are growing up.  We went through the "shaving cream" pretty darn quick.


Opening presents is hard work!

Grandma Susie made all the boys neat little alphabet books with pictures throughout the year.

I'm telling you, every kid loves this picnic basket.  HOME RUN!!!

Nick thought he would be pretty funny finding Keith some special beer that they guy at the keg shop thought for sure was the worst they sold!  He probably deserves it after the Lee Jean prank of 2010.  

Carter sneaking a peek AGAIN.  
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