Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Silly things

Did you know we have this huge couch and they ALWAYS sit within inches of each other - this picture is actually pretty far apart.  Fine with me until they fight.

Carter has been coming up with the funnies things lately - here are a few....

  • Me:  Carter you did a really job climbing that ladder tonight.  Carter:  Mom, it was a rope.  You must have remembered that wrong.  Children aren't allowed to climb ladders.  
  • Carter and Dylan now have a pet store and toy store.  Carter: Mom, you want me to get you a toy from my store.  Me:  I would love one!  Carter:  I'll find you a boring toy because girls like boring toys.  
  • Dylan was working on a fresh order of dinosaur food for Keith and I asked if he sold birds - yeah, it's a pet store.  
  • Mom, I have a mint for you, I didn't even put it in my mouth.  
  • On Friday he said, mom can you have another baby so I can name it Olivia Island.  Me:  you want me to have another baby?  Yeah, a boy.  So I can name him Olivia Island, so on Sunday can you just go to the hospital and have the doctor cut your big cut and have a baby.  Grandma Susie will have to come since you will be at the hospital for a while.  Me:  well, don't you think I would have to have a baby in my tummy first.  Carter:  Oh - you can just go up to heaven, have a  God put a baby in your tummy and the angels will fly you back down.  Me: I'm not sure if we should have another baby.  I know somebody who is having a baby boy, how about Aunt Sarah's baby can be Olivia Island.  Oh OK, let's do that. Mom call Sarah.  
I swear - never a dull moment around here.  They come up with the most random crap, I can't even keep track of it anymore.

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