Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think we have been working on Valentines things for about a week now!  Sunday we started our boxes, first time having to do these.  Finally they both told me what they wanted - then it was time to creative / ghetto with some felt!  They may not be super fancy, but they loved them!

Yikes!  Note to self, if your kids are going to write the cards, get really big ones!  They would be like three letters in of a friends name and out of room.  So they each did about five and I did the rest- and by rest, like 48!  And in true Bormann fashion, we had a bit of a miscount that we figured out on suckers. So some friends got raisins, fruit snacks for others and teddy grahams too.  Good thing I bough that pack of teddy grahams.

The boys had a blast with the ones they got from friends. Super impressed by the tattoos- Carter even put on the barbie and the princess.  Quickly realized that was a bad idea and told me Eva should have brought boy valentines and girl ones.  Not sure if that is even who it was from!

Here they are!!!  Dylan's a pizza, Carters is Venus.  Most people would probably guess Mars, but Carter insisted Venus is red.  And at 750 degrees, it might be.  They were quite funny talking about these tonight. Keith was asking Carter about all their friends and who's his favorite was. Well, his was his first favorite.  And your second favorite?  Dylan's!  And your third favorite, uh - I don't have a third favorite.

Then I ask him if his friends thought it was cool and he said no.  A couple of the teachers said it was.  Then he was like - well, Venus is white and yellow and brown and the red is the volcanoes so then asked me all the colors of felt we had, so I think we will be adding more felt to this baby:)  Whatever makes him happy!  I was sorta thinking it would be on its way to the trash - but why not add glitter, right!  Then it can stay with us forever.  

Their presents!  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter