Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday and a bit more!

OH how I LOVE Fridays, Saturdays and SUNDAYS!!!  Too bad they go by far too fast.  Today we seemed to stay busy all day!  
  • To my surprise, we got up and going fast enough to make it to the early service.  (Some days I think getting 3 kids fed, dressed and into carseats deserves a medal!)  
  • The boys participated in the kids church today - it was our first time.  I think they had fun from what I could get out of them.  
  • Afterwards we went to Des Moines. I wanted to go to Buy Buy Baby.  I have a love / hate relationship with this store.  I just LOVE it compared to Babies R Us- so nice, clean, new - all kinds of cool products I haven't seen.  HATE their pricing, everything seems to be a bit more than I think it should be.  I don't mind paying a bit more for the nicer atmosphere - but really!  The carseat I was looking at was $50 more.  So "looking" was not "buying".  
  • We were going to eat at Legends (free kids meals on Sundays), then decided to eat at Whole Foods instead.  That wen't OK.  
  • Next stop...  Homemakers!  I know, I don't know why I do it to myself.  Turns out, everyone who has lots of kids goes to Homemakers on Sundays too.  I've been looking for another chair for our living room for - well, about 2  years now.  And still looking:(
  • Dairy Queen - slushies for the boys, blizzards for us.  YUM!  Dylan and Carter both had the blue kind - then wanted to try each others and YES - one did spill in all the transferring. Nothing new, nothing major!
  • When we got home the boys played outside and Olivia and I were buys inside!
  • Then the boys got cold and came in.  
  • I spent some time going through old kids clothes
  • Keith and the boys were busy in the basement  - making a new fort - one for Olivia.  We decided to block off some space for her. 
  • Then the rest of the night fun - dinner, showers (the boys are into taking their own right now), playtime, bedtime, me eat cereal, bath and now doing this but should be in bed!

I was in Chicago this week for work and so happy to make it home on Thursday.  Big talk of this massive snowstorm, but only about 5" dropped.  The boys had really good weeks at school so I took them uptown for ice cream.  

She loves watching the bath water.

Keith was one of the most popular kids at the party!

nothing new here.

Going sledding 

story of my life - pulled this glove out of my pocket today.  Nice!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter