Thursday, February 28, 2013

Look familiar


Today at Target I discovered my ID was not in my wallet.  So in a hunt for my birth certificate tonight I came across a couple baby pictures.  It's no secret that Olivia gets her big cheeks from me.   Took me like 17 years to grow into those babies.  Looks like I had a Mohawk too!

And you are wondering if I found my birth certificate?  Big no! It appears I have every other possible thing a person might somehow still be hanging onto:  college ID, old Iowa ID, college report cards, blood donation certificates, SIPS VIP card, binders of bills, Keith's list of 21 shots on his 21st birthday, which included a signature after each, more great college pictures, all sorts of wedding planning stuff - so you know anything a person might hang on to, except a birth certificate.

Oh - you are thinking I should use my passport.  That too expired in April 2012.  Crap!  
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The Fribergs said...

You crack me up with your hoarding! It's hilarious. I love that you have your college ID. I bet you can still get the college rate at the tanning bed if you try :)

Olivia is gorgeous, just like her mom!

Mom said...

I told you that she was like you. :)


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