Monday, February 11, 2013

A couple blogs to check out

When we moved back two Iowa about two years ago, I worked at Innova Ideas and Services.  My favorite thing about working there was being surrounded by so many great people!  Many were fellow Iowa-staters and several had little ones as well!  Two have been blogging on very passionate topics - so I wanted to share.  

If you ever thought you couldn't find it within yourself to lose weight, check out Ben's blog for his amazing story.  He has lost well over 100 lbs since I first met him and he recently started writing about his journey!  

Click here for Ben's blog.

Another one is totally different from your typical mommy blog that you will find on my site.  Ivy is passionate about makeup and writes all kinds of tips, and even does picture tutorials.  I thought many of  you might enjoy one of her latest posts about drug store makeup vs. high-brand makeup.  Check it out!  

Click here for Ivy's blog.

And since I am sharing fun Innova people, thought I should share this video since we watched it weekly.  A bit ridiculous.  You won't get this song out of your mind all day....

Feel free to post any other cool blogs in the comments!  I'm always looking for a new one to read!

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