Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Club House

If you read the post from Saturday, you have probably been wondering about this so-called club house.  Well here it is!  Oh, it doesn't look like a club house, that's because it is a secret clubhouse with secret entrances.  One through the Thomas Tent, another through the blue chairs, another through the other tent - then the short-cut, secret tunnel from the storage room!  

Chair entrance - Carter's favorite.  

THey have been a hoot with this and absolutely love it!  They cook stuff, they both have now told me they have beds down there and the latest was their "work". Dylan sells toys, pet food and toys for Carter.  But Carter lives with Dylan.

Last night one came up looking for a marker to write on wood????  Yeah, you guessed right they were coloring their club house. So I let them, but hope that I got through to them that we can't just go writing on houses!  
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Mom said...

That's ok about the marker. I let you have cans of paint to do your thing in our bsmt. Looks like they are having a blast! :)


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