Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 months!

A couple weeks late, but much to report on miss Olivia.  Look how big my baby is getting.  Here is a bit of what has been happening.

  • She doesn't seem to be slowing down, I now by 12+ month clothes for her.  I have several summer items I bought on sale that I have a feeling may not fit come summer. 
  • Last time we were at the doctor, she was almost 21 pounds - which means this lady is so ready to switch her out of her carrier car seat.  I can barely get this girl in and out of stores.  Keith wants to wait until no coat weather, but a couple more pounds and I am out.
  • She loves her food!  When she really likes something she laughs in between bites.  She so desperately wants to eat what you eat, she watches every bite go into your mouth with her jaw dropped and these sad little eyes wondering where hers is!  You would think we don't feed her!
  • She is crawling!  She started a few weeks ago - I thought for sure the turkey sandwich I was eating would get her going.  She doesn't crawl all over like crazy yet - but if she sees something she wants, she will go straight to it- a bit slow, but focused and steady. She's starting to pull herself up onto things now too.  
  • On Sunday we officially moved her to her bed!  Since she was keeping newborn hours, we decided enough is enough and it was time!  Plus I think her bed really is much more comfortable than the pack and play.  The first night was a bit rough, but getting better.  
  • Like I always say, she is still the sweetest little girl.  Tonight I wish i had my camera as she pulled her naked self up to the bathtub to watch it fill.  She was so impressed by it and kept smiling looking at it, then two different times she would put her arm around my shoulder to pull me in and look too.  It was so darn sweet.  
  • Have I mentioned that at some point in the past couple weeks she turned into a Daddy's girl.  BIG TIME!!!!  She cries all the time when he isn't around, but it's pretty darn cute (except when it is mommy she is ditching for daddy).  Our friend Autumn was holding her, she started to fuss for Keith, he grabs her, then she gives Autumn this big, I'm with my dad smile.  It really is pretty cute.  
  • Sometimes I swear she has a word or two, but nothing consistent.  Probably be hearing Daddy pretty soon. 
  • She is pretty darn funny whenever we take her places.  If you are with her at the doctors, she will sit and stare at every person until they start to talk to her.  Then she will look away, then make her way back at them to get their attention.  
  • She still loves her big brothers, I think they have been a bit less impressed by her mobility and her interrupting their story time. 
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