Thursday, August 23, 2012

These silly boys

Here are a few Carter & Dylan stories I tried to remember - I forget everything these days!

  • One morning the two found this coloring book and they kept talking about the "coffee machine" and the "coffee room".  I really couldn't figure it out and they were so engaged with it and kept going into the office and talking about this coffee machine and one knew where it was and how to do it.  I was feeding Olivia, so I couldn't get up and then finally I figured it out - COPY machine in the COPY room!  At school the teachers must photocopy coloring book pages for them to color.    Unfortunately, our "coffee machine" is out of order, so no copies that day.  So they brought their coloring books to school for their teachers to make copies.  
  • When I was leaving for work Carter said, "Dad will have to feed Olivia a bottle because milk doesn't come out of his tummy".  We just go with it:)  Nursing has brought on quite a few questions from the boys, but they don't quite have it all figured out yet.  
  • Oh Miss Candace - Carter sure loves her.  I think I mentioned on here before that he loves her:)  Tonight when I got to school, she told me that Dylan had invited her over for dinner and since she didn't know where our house was.  I was a bit worried that we might have a rough night without a dinner guest since on the way home Dylan kept asking me if she was behind us.  Luckily he bought that she had other plans.
  • Carter broke Keith's heart last night when they were reading stories, he told him that when they were big they won't want to be in his arms anymore:(
  • Tonight I did something wrong with Dylan's Popsicle and he told me, "now I'm furious", which sounded more like fearess - I asked him where he heard that one and he told me Uncle Jeff.  I have a feeling that was not the case!  
  • Now that we have DVD players in the car we had to make a rule that we only watch shows on long trips (mostly we don't want to spend 15 minutes getting a movie to play on our 5 minute ride to daycare), so 2-3 times a week one of them tells me we should go on a long trip to Minnesota.
  • When I went to work this week Dylan told me he wanted to go with, I told him he probably shouldn't because he would smell stinky from the spices, so he said he would stay in the parking lot, I told him that was a bad idea because people smoke out there, he told me - I have an idea, I will walk you in and wait for you on the sidewalk and he said he would sit there all day:)
  • At a school they were talking about what they want to be when they grow up - Dylan told them a construction worker and Carter - a horse:)  This morning he told me a horse costume???  So I have a feeling I will be on a hunt for a horse Halloween costume:)  
OK - that's a lot of stories!  These two talk a lot!  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter