Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some things the boys have been busy with

Carter colored this bird house and picked this tree to hang it in, which was just the right size.  He is very proud of it and has told me lots of birds live in it.  

Now that we can step outside without frying again we are back to dinner on the porch.

They are really into watching me paint things!

I've been busy trying to go through the boys' old clothes and things now that we won't be having anymore boys.  So they found these flip flops and insisted on them fitting and wearing them.

If any of you have friends with twin boys - let them know I will selling lots of clothes.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles.  I hate bubbles:)  But the kids love them, so what do you do???

We had our first sleepover with Cade - huge hit!!!

  • Friday night the boys camped out with Keith in the backyard.  They were super excited about it, Carter told Keith that he couldn't wait to go to sleep!  They stayed out there all night and actually slept until 8ish. 
  • A couple weeks ago we had vacation bible school and swimming lessons.  Both went really well!  The boys absolutely loved the swimming lessons.  It worked out great, a girl down the street did the lessons, so I would walk them down and leave.  I could hear them talking for about 10 houses.  They are doing really well going under and learned more from her in 4 days than we have accomplished with each swim.  
  • Riding bikes!  Always a summertime favorite
  • Eating a lot of Popsicles - me too:)  
  • Saying  lots of silly things.  Carter will say, "DYLAN….dylan, dylan, dylan" - you know with the he's doing it wrong tone. Or Dylan - bud, bud - honey, honey do it this way.  
  • Or you get to hear things back, so we are at the age where WE must choose our words wisely.  Last week Dylan told me I have two choices! 
  • Dylan also has lots of big ideas, he is always saying - OK mom, I have an idea!  Or that was a really good idea.  
  • Watching the Wiggles - we lost our one and only Wiggles movie for nearly two years.  It is a 30 minute movie and every time we are in the car they want to watch it.  When we went to visit Keith's grandparents, I think they watched it about six times. 
  • They are starting to add on little phrases to what they say - Dylan was tell me something one day that kept ending with "that's what I heard" or I hear a lot of "that's cool".  
  • Oh- and they are scared of everything right now and insist I go to the bathroom, to the basement to their room with them - you name, one of us needs to be with them.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter