Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Iowa State Fair

On Sunday night we went to the fair with my family.  It started off to be a great day for the fair with cooler temps.  The boys were really excited to go and go onto the rides.  Well - our trip went downhill fast!
Right away we were able to do the big trampoline and then started hitting up some of the food stands, followed by a couple trips down the big slide.  The boys LOVED the slide and the trampoline.  I had a couple of my fair food favorites:  carmel apple slices and cheese curds (despite the fact that I heard a silly rumor each curd is 100 calories).  After a couple more stops, we were on our way to the midway to do rides and that is when the downpour hit.

Everyone ran for shelter - totally easy with 3 strollers!  After hanging out for about an hour, we gave in and decided we should just run for the cars as the rides would be soaked anyway.  And this was the moment the night got ugly.  Keith and I had to walk through the entire midway to get to the car, so he took off running with the boys' stroller, me running with Olivia.  It felt like a scene in a movie with the flashing lights and music from the rides, all the people around us sheltered to stay dry.  Well - the path to our car was bumpy and the rain water was flowing - ankle deep puddles at some points and big power cables from the rides to push the strollers over.  We finally made it to the car - completely soaked.  Olivia was bawling, the boys were heart broken learning that rides would not be happening that night.  Even the boys were soaked from being in the stroller, Dylan's underwear were even wet because so much water splashed up.  So all of us were in the truck, I started feeding Olivia to calm her down and Keith got the strollers in the truck.  Finally everyone all buckled in - and…."I have to go potty".  So out of the truck again, Keith had both boys go pee and everyone buckled in again.  OK - ready to go.  And….a loud ripple from the back.  Explosion from Olivia.  So we get her out, change her and finally we couldn't get out of that parking lot fast enough!

Oh- and did I mention I haven't ran that far in years (it wasn't that far, I just don't run).  We might try to get back again so the boys can do some of the rides.  

Two double wides and a single - not the best way to travel the fair.  

Carter screamed the entire way down, but loved every second.  Of course we didn't pass up slushes.  
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Andrea said...

so much fun! i've decided that my family and i need to come back to Iowa and do the fair next year! my children need to experience this :)


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