Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family of Five

I'm not going to lie my friends, having 3 kids 3 and under is no cup of tea.  I have to look at pics like this from time to time to remind me how lucky I am even though I have some really hard days.  Or sometimes just a few really hard hours here and there.  I don't regret having them close in age, I would have actually preferred they were even closer in age, but it can just be hard some nights.  The good news is they get to grow up together and will share many memories and experiences together.  I have a bigger family and enjoy that and what our kids to experience that too.  But for this moment in time, we have a tired mommy and daddy!  And of course we are not alone - we have lots of friends with more kids closer in age and we are lucky we have each other and lots of family to help us out and keep us from going 100% crazy (we are probably already 75% there).

So for the next few months - expect us to be on the forgetful, spacey side.  We will rise from the haze again eventually.  
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