Thursday, August 23, 2012

My latest Pinterest project

As I have mentioned before - like most projects, here is another that I will reveal at 95% complete, since   who knows when we will be 100% complete!

I saw this dark wall with white frames on Pinterest here and decided I wanted to do something similar.  I decided the wall connecting our bedroom and master bath would work well - except one challenge was the arch that connected to the wall.

So initially I painted the wall on the left, but it just looked odd.  I was a bit nervous to paint the entire hallway in case it looked like a dark tunnel.  Now that I painted it all, I'm happy I did!  It looks much better with all of it painted than the one wall.  

Then it was time to put many years of picture hanging to use!  I knocked this out in record speed - about an hour!  Which is pretty impressive for me because I lined them up - not just my typical quick eye the spot - nail in the wall, step away and review, add a second nail and reposition- OK, just right approach.  I wanted them to line up, so I had to be a bit more on the precise side.  I did use picture hanging wire to speed up the hanging process.

So now about those green frames in the earlier posts???  I couldn't find the frames I wanted and found these at Michael's in green, so I ended up buying them and spray painting them a sparkling silver.  

Now what I am waiting on would be the pictures to fill the frames, I will be putting some of our maternity pictures in these.  

The boys were funny about these.  First they said, is that mom and dad - where is Carter and Dylan.  Then this morning Carter asked me if that was their "old dad".  

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Andrea said...

looks great! I too love that image you found on Pinterest. I love gallery walls. Pretty sure one day every wall in my house will be covered in them :)

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Deb said...

I cannot stop laughing thinking about Carter's question about whether the guy in the stock picture is his 'old dad.' Your kids are super funny, Jess!!


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