Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun at the fair!

Last week Keith's mom came down to help me survive out with the kids since Keith had to go on a trip for work.  On Thursday he got home early, so she stayed home with Olivia so we could make another trip to the fair to hit up the rides we missed from rain.  We made a major rookie mistake - we thought we would go "cheap" (ha- not possible at the fair) and buy tickets per ride instead of buying the wristbands for unlimited rides.  Well, the tickets go pretty fast when it costs the entire family $20 to do the Ferris wheel.  Which was totally NOT worth it, but it was all the boys could talk about when we skipped it at adventureland and when we went to the fair and it rained on us and all they talked about on the way to the fair.  Then when we arrived to the fair this time we thought we were in really big trouble when they were doing some "maintenance."  Just what I want to hear- one thing I really don't do is rides that arrive on wheels with quick assembly.  So these kind of rides really aren't too high on my list.  Anyway - $20 later, my boys couldn't have been happier to end their trip to the fair on the Ferris wheel.  That sounds nice, right.  That's what Keith and I thought, actually, they were straight up pissed because when they were on the Ferris wheel they saw all the rides we didn't go on and really wanted to do just "one more ride" and resulted in a bit of kicking and screaming on the way out.  But they did have a good time and were sound asleep before we hit the interstate.  

Next year we are bringing Uncle Nick - he doesn't do roller coasters, but I bet Carter and Dylan can convince him to go on a few.  


Here is something I never thought I would say - When we were walking around at the fair, I felt like we were on a date!  I guess it is all about perspective - I don't think I ever thought going somewhere with Carter and Dylan gave me the freedom feeling like I was on a date, but I guess not having the extra gear that you carry with a baby gave me a different feeling.  Not that she gives us too much trouble, but I guess you just haul more stuff and one of us is usually carrying her, so maybe the free hands.  Maybe we are just due for a real date:)  

The boys enjoyed some fair food!  Carter was loving Keith's chocolate dipped cookie dough.  I had a fabulous gyro and the boys gobbled up a  pork chop on a stick.

This bull was HUGE!!!!

I need to post some videos of the boys on the big trampoline.  We did it again and the lady showed the boys how to do flips -so they flipped and flipped and flipped and flipped….you get the picture!  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter