Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fashion

Do you ever wonder how a mom stumbled upon her stone-washed Lee’s with the 9” zipper that fully display her socks?  I have always said this WOULD NOT BE ME!!  However, I recently came to the realization that I am at a VERY DELICATE stage in my life where I might fall right into the 9” zipper trap!  I rarely read magazines, let alone fashion magazines, as for TV, it’s mostly HGTV for this girl and let’s face it – I don’t exactly get out a lot (A FB friend asked for bar recommendations last week and I instantly started to answer, only to pause wondering if those bars were still open and then just started to read what others had posted to see what was newL)! Thank goodness for my pretend Pinterest wardrobe to keep me thinking I’m in style. 

Anyway – back to the 9” zipper trap that WE (yep – Keith ,you too) have been falling in!  So I was recently at a friend’s house for a birthday celebration and pull-over, windbreaker jackets (yep- the kind that go chi-chi when you walk) became the topic of conversation.  You know – the ones that are great in the rain.  Well – in case you didn’t know, they are totally out of style!  Lucky for me I lost mine years ago and hadn’t replaced it- but I didn’t know they were out-of-style-scores-you-high-points-on-the-people-watching-list!  Not so lucky for Keith – he wore his old Delt one at the State Fair a few weeks ago – for the rain of courseJ  Anyway, I find this absolutely hilarious but am so disappointed with myself that I didn’t even realizeL  So watch out, if I see you wearing a chi-chi- pullover and if I am whispering and laughing, I am probably talking about you.  And if you have doubts about this – please enjoy this picture that I just saw on Pinterest.  I probably didn’t notice it before – probably just thought “cool jackets” and went on. This time I saw something that made me laugh pretty darn hard and really that quote did me in “the wind never stood a chance”. 

You’re welcome for the fashion tip this week! 


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter