Sunday, June 12, 2011

Party Animals

Another busy summer weekend!  Hopefully this pace slows down soon because I am EXHAUSTED!!  Actually it was a pretty darn busy week.  Friday I ran several errands after work, then we went to Sarah and Adam's house for a surprise 21st birthday party for Uncle Nick.  We grilled out and stayed the night.  We had big plans for bags and beer pong; however, being we are no longer that college age, we had two major fails!  Fail one:  Keith and I brought our boards, completely forgot the bags! Fail 2:  Sarah and Brittney either forgot or couldn't find ping pong balls.  We did manage to get a few rounds of flippy cup in though. 
Saturday morning we went to Polk City to show Keith's family the house, since they haven't seen it since pre-framing.  After looking at the house, we had lunch at Granite city, then back to Norwalk to play at a park and an attempt for naps.  While Keith was working on the boys sleeping, I went to Lowe's, the mall and a few other stops.  Then we went back to Polk City (and if you are wondering, no these places are not 10 minutes apart, more like 30ish), and met my parents at the house to show it to my dad for the first time!  Then all of us went to Saylorville Lake, which is a few minutes from our new house, for a surprise 50th birthday party for my sister's boyfriend, Mark.  We didn't stay too long since we don't really trust the boys around water too much and the doc was a little tight with all the people.  We have plans to visit much more often once we move. 
But the partying wasn't over, we ended up stopping at Famous Fest in Ankeny.  A friend from college, known as "Famous Dave" has Famous Fest every summer and actually roasts a hog in his backyard.  I will post a pic later, literally looks like he dug a grave in the middle of his backyard.  The boys had a pretty good time at this party and by 9:30 they were getting a little nutty and a bit delirious, so we headed home. 
Today everyone was exhausted - except, Dylan who was ready to go at 6:30.  I got up with him, while Keith got a few extra Z's and Carter slept until almost 8:30... that NEVER happens!  At about 10 we were back in the car for a play date in Ankeny with our friends Eric, Heather and their daughter.  We played at the park and ate lunch, then it was time to get crabby and crabbier in the car and back home.  They opted not to nap today, so it's been a rough Sunday! 
Not ready to start the week!  I have a big project that is due this week, so I think it will be a few late nights for this girl, starting as soon as this post is complete. 

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