Thursday, June 2, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

They always say their tub needs vacuumed.  Dylan is really into measuring.  He gets real serious about it and I'll ask him the number or how big and he seems to give me an interesting answer.

The house is really coming along!  They completed the driveway and all the other cement work and added the garage doors last week.  All the walls have been sprayed and they are working on trim and hanging doors this week and I believe all the cabinets will be arriving sometime this week as well!  I met with Troy, our builder, earlier this week and talked through things like how the fireplace, woodwork around the front door and how the lockers will be done.  I also knocked out a lot of big decisions-

-Stone style/color on the front, we went with a stacked style and they are in the brown tones.  It turns out there are different ways to stack – dry or grouted, with the dry you don’t see any grout between layers.  Of course I wanted dry, which turned out to cost about 20% more, so we went with the grouted.

-All faucets- for all the folks I polled, went with the more modern faucets in the master.  It was a landslide win for Keith!

-Tile/Carpet/Backsplash and other accents- this was tough because I was having a hard time matching the counter tops that we had picked out, but I am happy with where I landed. 
                -The mud room, master bath, upstairs bath will have tile floor
                -The kitchen, entry and bath by the kitchen will be wood (I don’t have a sample)
                -The rest will be carpet
                -The master tub will have that subway tile – the far left rectangle shaped ones in the middle of the pic
                -The kitchen backsplash will be the bottom left sample on the board
                -The fireplace will mostly be wood, but will have some stone surrounding the insert, it will be the second one up from the bottom on the left side

-I’m going to do two paint colors throughout the house.  I bought a couple samples to test them out because once our family room is painted, I won’t be repainting it for a LONG time!  So we will be going with the two colors on the right.  I’m a big fan of lots of great paint colors, but I figured with so much going on and things to figure out right now I will go with easy in this arena!  Plus I figure in a couple years I will get bored and can have fun with some fresh paint colors. 

So a few things I have to figure out in the next couple of weeks:
-Exterior colors- I have an idea, but nothing picked out.  I think I need to go drive through some neighborhoods for some inspiration.
-knobs or cabinet handles
-Towel/TP holder for boys bathroom – I have a style picked out, I just need to pick the pieces and order
-Keith needs to figure out how to install an underground fence

Sorry, these aren't the best pics- the colors are a bit off!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter