Monday, June 27, 2011

Carter Benjamin

Carter definitely carries the for the two.  He is ALWAYS singing.  Usually he is singing either ABC’s, Wheels on the Bus or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or a combination of all three.  Sometimes it is more of a chant. Every night we hear him singing through the monitor. 
I LOVE how passionate he is about his trains lately.  To say he liked Thomas would be an understatement.  Yesterday I heard him say “Thomas, where are you”.  This weekend I was trying to get him to fall asleep on the couch with me, he got up, brought in a few trains and laid them on their sides so they could go to sleep too.  Then all parents who have seen far too much Thomas might appreciate this one.  He said,”Mom, cinders and ashes, cinders and ashes”, then he showed me all of his trains in a pile.  He is also saying, “Mom, I need my troublesome trucks”. 
It’s amazing how much they think about now and put two and two together.  Keith took them to this Kid’s Fest and they planted these flowers in a solo cup and they gave them to me.  Then Carter was trying to pour water into it and he told mom it was thirsty and he needed to give it water to grow.  Then they both had brought these to me in bed and they were sitting by our bed.  A few days later I told them we were going to get flowers to bring to my grandma’s grave.  Well about 10 minutes later Carter walks into the kitchen with his cup with the flower.  So sweet!
We finally got him wearing his new shoes!!  FINALLY- his toes were practically coming out of the holes in his old ones. 
This kid LOVES to be outside!  He is also still a big fan of waffles, colored Cheerios, blue blanky, bubble beards, dumping out laundry,  popsicles – Dylan doesn’t like them that much and Carter is always trying to get one for him and make him eat it.
Carter does not like getting up in the morning.  He’ll turn over and say, still sleepy! 
This one is a talker, talking non-stop sometimes.  And very loud at times.  His voice has also gotten a bit on the raspy side.  He is probably a bit mouthier of the two – he’ll yell back no, mommy, NOT doing….whatever I might be asking.  Sometimes I will roll the windows up and down to entertain them and I won't even have his down and he will say I don't want my window down.  One day Dylan was saying I want to play baseball, Carter, I don't want to play baseball.  I don't want to go to school.  All the time!  
Carter is a big fan of his cousin Cade, he copies about everything he does.
Carter gives me pretty good kisses too, I will go to give him a night hug and he will pull my head down and give me a big kiss!
Carter will still randomly call his daddy, Keith.  Tonight he said, Keef, get me milk.  (yes, they are both a bit on the demanding side)

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