Monday, June 27, 2011

Dylan Tyler

Dylan sitting on the front step cleaning the mud off his shoe:)  This is what I mean by the little Danny Tanner.

I think Dylan is forever going to be a total momma’s boy.  No complaints hereJ
Dylan at times can be the more difficult of the two, but so darn sweet at times too.  He just has this little Mother Goose thing about him.  Sometimes if I am holding him and my hair is in my face he’ll push it to the side.  I would say both are always thinking of each other and if they want anything like a cup of water, they get one for their brother.  But Dylan is always looking out for everyone bringing things to people. 
Dylan does this random thing probably four nights a week and when they are in bed we will hear him at the door, saying mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy (usually Keith or mom go to the door), followed by a DADDY!  And he’ll just hand them something and run back into bed.  Usually it will be a shirt or a sippy or something that is typically in their room.  Last night was a first – a buger.
Dylan always gives me really good hugs and kisses at bedtime. Though tonight he started jumping on the bed saying monkeys in bed
I was so proud of Dylan for doing such a great job giving up his paci, he has barely asked about it and if he does, I tell him we gave it to Cade and he is totally fine with that. 
Dylan is total Danny Tanner - or if you weren't a big Full House fan, I'm saying he likes things neat!   I don’t know where it comes from.  Many people think Carter is a bit more like me and Dylan is a bit more like Keith, but Keith’s parent’s say that he was more like Carter and not really orderly like Dylan.  So it’s a mystery!  The kid loves playing with hangers (plastic of course) and will even hang shirts on hangers for me - and honestly seems to enjoy it!  It’s funny, he really likes things a certain way or if you did something one way, that’s how we do it for now on.  One day he was throwing a fit and a drawer was left open, he stopped, shut the drawer and then continued on with the fit.  He always has to shut the DVD players off in the car.
Dylan is SUCH A HELPER!!!  Anytime if you ask him if he wants to help or you need his help, he peps right up!  Tonight he loaded the entire washer.
Dylan loves breakfast bars, his sunglasses, he wears these all the time and it ALWAYS makes me smile!
They are so funny to the words they attach to - lately at bath time if Carter tries to mess with the faucet, he will say that's mommy and daddy's job, not Carter Dylans.  Or one night we were working on full names and he kept saying Daddy Bormann Keith.
This kid has amazing self-control (at times) - about every morning he gets baggies out so they can have a snack in the car and Carter will eat his entire bag in about two minutes and Dylan will hold his bag - even marshmallows and keep it closed until he gets to daycare and will eat it there.  He even tells Carter not to eat his. Of course then he has to share a few with Carter, since he usually forgets he gobbled up a bag about 20 minutes earlier.  And Dylan is always really nice about it and shares with him!    

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