Monday, June 6, 2011

Another busy weekend...

I can’t get enough of this fabulous weather! We were go, go, go all weekend. Friday was my second week of summer hours, so I got to leave at 12:00, which is FABULOUS!!! So I met mom, Jennifer and Alec for lunch, returned some tile to Home Depot, then Keith took the afternoon off and he met me to look at some toilets at Plum Supply in Waukee. Then we checked out some cabinet knobs/pulls at a store and went to the house. Around 4 we picked the boys up and ate dinner in Ankeny, stopped at Home Depot again and then Keith took the boys home and I stopped at Kohls to use some Kohls cash for some new Thomas PJs for the boys. I think all of us were tired when we got home! I started doing some pricing for the garage sale, then I realized I would not be home Friday night and setting up the garage sale by 7am Saturday was going to be a bit of a challenge and for the $50 I was going to make- probably not worth it. I might try and do one after we move because I’m certain there are lot of packed boxes of things I would be fine never seeing again!

Saturday Mom and I got to downtown Des Moines by about 8:30 to score some deals at the Meredith prop sale (this is who does all the Better Homes and Gardens magazines), which was open to the public for the first time in 20 years. So I guess everyone in the tri-county area came for some deals and you had to be there by about 6 to get in for the good stuff. So after about an hour of getting to the line, we heard most the stuff was gone and it wasn’t worth our time and left. But we still had a busy Saturday, we went to Target, American, then met our builder to finalize a few more house details, and back to Des Moines to go to Homemakers. We got the boys bunk beds, which I can post a picture later, and a dresser and two night stands for our room. Keith was busy with the boys and took them uptown to a kidsfest, which looked like a lot of fun. They planted me flowers, got tattoos and did all kinds of fun things. Later that night we had our last wedding of the season (RARE to be done early June!).
Sunday was a picture perfect summer day! Sunday morning we took the boys to a fun park in Polk City and had a picnic and went to the house. When we got back to town Keith set up a sprinkler toy so all three of them ran around and played in the water. Later that afternoon the boys played trains outside, helped plant flowers. Then spent probably an hour playing on a new slip and slide with Cade and Morgan. And yes, by the end, all three boys were completely naked!

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