Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 lessons I learned last weekend....

1)  Next time I spend 13+ hours in the car for one week, I better at least get close to a beach
2)  Though I love to dance, nights get a bit crazy when I get a hold of a mic, I’m just not 21 anymore!
3)  You can easily fit about 40 people in a stretch limo
4)  Sunglasses bring wedding receptions to a new level
5)  The actual Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha is more of a day visit, not an hour visit
6)  After 29 years of searching, I’ve explored with the trumpet, a band teacher made a question choice by allowing me to be a drummer in their band and I thought the cow might be it- but the instrument that I jive best with may must be the tambourine. Can I hear a- “more tambourine please?”
7)  A genius bride provides flip flops for her wedding party!
8)  Not so much a lesson – but I had the best Bloody Mary to date at a place called Houston’s in Omaha and now have a summer quest to learn to make an awesome Bloody Mary – if you have a secret recipe, please send it my way!
9)  We will not be traveling outside of the tri-county area for an extended period of time!
10)  The fork game can played with a ladle.

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Our Crazy Filled Life said...

Bloody Mary
I like to use the Tabasco brand bloody mary mix, add a few more splashes of tabasco, some pickle juice, a pickle, worcestershire sauce, seasoning salt, and pepper.
Another good place to get a bloody mary is at the Otter Creek Country Club, the best I've ever had! :)

krmccord said...

I love bloody marys! I love the peppar vodka. It makes all the difference!


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