Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend update with the Bormann Constructoin Crew

We had a nice weekend without too many plans. Keith's brother, Nick, stayed with us for the week and headed home today. He will be moving to Ames this week to start his first year at ISU!!! Keith and Nick were going to go golfing or wake boarding on Friday, but several events prevented them from a Friday of fun. It was a stormy day and a portion of the power went out on Friday morning in Edina, so when Keith took the boys to daycare, he was surprised to find he couldn't drop them off because of the power shortage. So he took them back home, only to find that Carter had a temp that was not going down. So he eventually managed to get Dylan back to daycare once the power was back on, but kept Carter home and took him to the doctor. He had ANOTHER ear infection and possibly strep, but they didn't test him since he needed antibiotics for the ear infection. I had a busy evening on Friday with my last softball game of the season, that update deserves its own post. More to come.

We were pretty tired on Saturday, I stayed out late celebrating with the softball team and Keith and Nick stayed up waiting for me to get home.

Both the boys seem have not been feeling the best, so they were pretty crabby on Saturday and Sunday. Dylan's pink eye came back, so I took him to the Burnsville office again today. The appointment went really fast last Sunday and I made the mistake of thinking it would go the same way again today. After two hours of trying to entertain Dylan, I was pretty crabby myself! He too has an ear infection and pink eye again. Poor guy! Plus whatever else he may have contracted during our two hour visit!

I went to Target tonight to load up on groceries and passed by these toy tools and thought the boys were old enough for a hammer and drill of their own.
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter