Thursday, August 6, 2009

Annual Summer Deli Outing

Each year my team at work has an outing with our deli clients. I would say this year topped the years prior. During the day, we did an iron chef cooking competition at the Way Cool Cooking School. This was my first team cooking competition and we had a blast! Plus, my team won and we got some pretty cool chef hats as prizes!
We spent a portion of the evening cruising downtown Minneapolis on the Pedal Pub. Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like...a bar that you have to pedal. There is no engine; however, there was a driver guiding us! It is a pretty crazy concept, but lots of fun. We somewhat felt like mini celebrities because everywhere we went people were honking, yelling and taking pictures. I was a little surprised b/c it has been around for a couple years and is downtown at least a few days a week. Anyhow, we had a blast. Extra fun for me too, because I don't make it out very often anymore. Afterwards, we had dinner at Hell's Kitchen and finished the evening with Lawn Bowling at Brit's Pub. There are lots of great stories to share about the evening, but outside of about five broken glasses and a little cooler explosion I will keep the rest of the details to myself for now.

This is the Fox 9 news reporter Maury Glover. He wasn't too impressed by my interruption. I guess he was reporting a story or something???
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