Sunday, August 9, 2009


I would compare the 2009 JT Megea softball season to the "Bad News Bears". We played in the Minneapolis Ad league which consisted of 25 agencies in the twin cities. We started off the season strong showing signs of potential. Then right along with the dog days of summer, our team took a nose dive and lost, I'm guessing, at least 5 games straight. Things weren't looking too promising towards the end of the season.....until tournament time and everyone decided to bring their A game.
The second round of the tournaments brought us to the Fort Snelling fields, which are SUPER nice! Most fields we played on did really have dugouts, score boards, chalked fields, etc. And that was the moment we felt like we were starring in the "Bad News Bears".
I had no idea what to expect on Friday and was surprised to find that the ad league puts on quite a show for the championship. There was free beer and food for everyone. Wally the beer guy from the Twins was there to hand out beverages, they had an announcer who played music and announced funny bios for all the players and a MASSIVE trophy and Tshirts for the winners (now the agency needs to build a rather large trophy case)!
We played pretty solid in the semi final game and I think everyone was in a little bit of shock that we made it to the championship. The team we played had hit about 10 home runs over the fence in their semifinal game, so we were a little nervous going into the game. We played solid defence and kicked butt! The runners up received a trophy almost as large and they were so mad they lost they took it and threw it, breaking it into many pieces.

There are a few more pics and fun stories here:

These two could come cheer us on becase they were sick and it was a rainy night:(( Maybe next year! I think they liked the trophy.
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter