Saturday, August 8, 2009

9 Month Update...

The boys were 9 months old on July 22. The months are flying by and continue to get more and more exciting. These two are VERY busy. They are constantly on the move and getting into things. Both are really fast crawlers and have red, roughed up knees to prove it. I wouldn't be surprised if they started walking within then next couple months, they do really well walking while holding our hands and holding onto the furniture and walls. They have both been brave enough to take a couple steps. Getting their balance figured out will be key. They both do really well standing without holding onto anything and they both love to stand and clap.

We have continued to adjust what they eat and their eating schedule. This is really hard for me to figure out since they are at daycare most of the day. Right now we are doing four 8oz bottles a day (they rarely eat the entire bottle anymore), it seems crazy that we will need to eliminate all of them within the next three months. So now we are doing a bottle when they wake up, cereal & half a fruit at daycare for breakfast, another AM bottle, 1 veggie, 1/2 fruit, puffs and whatever else I find to feed them for lunch, yogurt & puffs for an afternoon snack, a PM bottle, 1 veggie, fruit and again, whatever we are cooking or have around the house for dinner, then one last bottle at 8:00. They were getting really hungry at daycare throughout the day and were hounding the teachers for their food, so we decided to add in some snacks. Some days I feel like we are feeding them a lot, it is hard to tell if you are giving them the right amount of food.
I am a little nervous because they are getting less and less interested in us feeding them the Gerber baby foods. They would much rather feed themselves, which is GREAT, but it may make meals at daycare difficult. Right now when I try to feed Carter fruits, he squints his eyes and shakes his head no. It is really funny to see.
It is also a lot of fun giving them new foods for the first time and seeing their expressions. When we first gave Carter yogurt, after each bite, he would make the biggest smile.


Carter is pretty much a hoot about anytime of the day. They both make me laugh all day, but he has the deepest laugh and laughs all the time!!!

Right now he thinks Stella is a lot of fun, not sure how she feels about that. Fortunately, he rarely can catch her.

He loves to pull my hair (I'm not a big fan of this).

Carter is our little dancer, he is ALWAYS dancing.

He loves playing with his blanket.

Chewing on wash clothes.

Carter has the cutest curls, no matter how many times you comb it, the curls pop right up.


Dylan loves books, if you start to read one to Carter, Dylan usually stops what he is doing and crawls over.

He REALLY, REALLY, REALLY likes the pacifiers and feels about 100% opposite about getting into the car seat.

Loves playing in the bathroom and bath time!

Claps all the time.

Has been caught trying to eat Stella's food about three times now.

It has been tough leaving Dylan at daycare, he really clings on and cries when I leave.

He LOVES pillows, especially when he is tired. We have a bed pillow in the living room that we use when we feed them and he will lay down and snuggle up on it.

Magazines, wipes, toilet paper....all FUN (for Dylan)!

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The Fribergs said...

I love them, they are seriously too cute for words! I can't handle how much they smile! So cute!

The Bormann Family said...

Thanks Jess! We need to have another play date some time, these guys might be able to keep up with Sam now.


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