Monday, August 3, 2009

A bad case of the PINK EYE!

Saturday afternoon Dylan's right eye started to get red and puffy and within a few hours, it was so swollen, he could barely see out of his eye. So I took him to Urgent Care, which I am becoming less and less impressed with. They prescribed us some drops - 2 drops each eye, 4 times a day for 5 days. Yeah, that seems easy, right? So Sunday morning he wakes up and looks like the pics below with huge pink circles around each eye with lots of goop gluing it shut and Carter's right eye was starting to look the same way.
So, I ended up taking him into the Metro Peds Burnsville office on Sunday, which was AWESOME! I didn't know they were open on Sundays, it took 15 minutes opposed to the two hours at not so urgent care. The doctor said the drops that were prescribed by Urgent Care sting the eyes really bad. So she got us some new drops- 1 drop each eye, 3 times a day....MUCH BETTER! Dylan still looks like Carter beat him up, but is doing much better!

Carter doesn't seem to be too down about the pink eye. That big grin cracks me up!

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Jon and Jennifer said...

oh so cute Jess...not that he has pink eye but the pictures of him smiling :)


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