Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snacks and Smiles

Dylan LOVES oranges.

Well, I do believe these boys have adopted their mother's taste for food. Any of you who have ever eaten a meal with me probably have noticed I'm one of the world's pickiest eaters. I only eat a handful of vegetables, olives, mushrooms and mayo top my list of foods I will never eat and I love ketchup and will eat it on a hamburger (meat/bun only), but if I choose to get a cheeseburger I refuse to add ketchup. Weird, I know!

Anyhow, I have been doing my best to make sure my boys don't go through life constantly asking the waitress to hold the mayo, onion, pickle, tomato, lettuce, etc. I have been feeding them every fruit and vegetable I can find at the grocery store. And they just don't like the vegetables!! They LOVE meat and cheese but throw their vegetables on the floor during every meal. I'm not giving up yet, but am a little frustrated with cooking a dish every night that gets tossed! And by cooking I mean putting a bird's eye steamer in the microwave, not a lot of work, but a waste of food.

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Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Jessica, you should e-mail me so we can talk! I think we have so much in common!
:) Shelly


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