Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm ashamed to say, we mixed up our twins this weekend!

It's true, we mixed up the boys for about an hour this weekend. I've had plenty of who is who moments, but have never mixed them up for well over an hour before.

We took the boys to Target to do some grocery shopping, then we stopped at one more store and I ran in to pick up a couple items while Keith and the boys waited in the car. When they have their hats on it is pretty hard to tell them apart. It was pretty close to their nap time and when I got back in the car Keith had been working really hard to try to keep them awake. He said "Carter" was going to fall asleep any minute. And he did about two blocks later. (Once they fall asleep for five minutes and then you try to put them to bed for their naps, the naps never go well).

We got home and decided to quickly put both in their cribs since they were basically asleep. Well, "Carter" went to sleep right away and "Dylan" just would not fall asleep and kept crying. So we gave up and just let him play for about an hour. Finally, "Carter" woke up and I was looking at him and thinking that sure looked like Dylan to me. So I checked their arms and sure enough we had mixed them up! For an hour while Carter was up playing I thought he was Dylan. Which explains why he probably wouldn't go to sleep since he wasn't in his crib! Neither of us have ever done that, especially for such a long period of time.

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