Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Disco Dylan and Linus

I have decided to rename my children Disco Dylan and Linus. Dylan just LOVES music and loves to dance! We got them this sit & spin for Christmas and if you push the button on the top it plays music. So Dylan has been carrying this thing around the house constantly pushing the button and dancing. I think we need to find him some type of baby boom box as this is a little awkward and heavy for a little guy to carry around.

Carter likes to dance too, but what he REALLY likes is his BLANKET. This kid carries a blanket with him ALL the time! I don't mind as long as it keeps him smiling.

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Kellie said...

Too cute! It's funny how different they are!

Looking forward to Thursday! :)

Jess Eriksen said...

Jess - Last year I actually bought Casey's niece a baby Ipod from Kohls...and both girls LOVE it. they carry it around singing and dancing. Because there was only one and there are two girls...santa brought another one this year. You can get them at Kohls in the book section...they are books with "ipods" They are great - they have about 20 different songs and are themed like, Dora, Princess, Diego, etc. And very reasonably priced


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