Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The boys have been really funny lately and are interacting more and more every day. I just LOVE watching them play together. Early on a doctor asked me who I thought was the leader of the two and he said he found that the first born often leads the duo. And crazy as that may sound, right now Dylan, my first born, seems to be playing the "big brother" role. He is so good about sharing with Carter. He'll take two sippy cups or two toys or two ornaments off the tree and bring one to Carter. A couple times when Carter has been upset, he has been giving him a pacifier. Altough he does bring Carter things, sometimes he takes something Carter is interested in and then he will run from Carter, then turn and laugh as Carter chases him.

One morning last week when I was up feeding them, both boys were sitting on my lap drinking their bottles. Then they both kinda stopped drinking, started looking at each other and laughing a lot and then starting kissing each other on the cheeks and laughing more. It totally made my day!
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Kellie said...

That is so sweet that Dylan gives Carter things when he's upset! I'm the oldest and I'd have to say I'm the "leader" of Kara and I too. Weird. :)


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