Monday, December 14, 2009

Surgery on Wednesday

Carter will be having surgery on Wednesday to have his tear ducts opened up! His eye was extremely goopy last week and was looking a lot like pink eye, so I dug through our bin of medicine and was surprised to find so many different types of eye drops we have given them over the past year. The sad thing is, each one of those bottles represents a trip to the doctor's office! (No wonder why I hate going there.)
We are really disappointed though and wish we had discovered that his tear ducts were clogged when we did the tubes so he wouldn't have had to go under again. Hopefully all will go well. Unfortunately, he isn't scheduled until 9:30, so I'm thinking we will have a rough morning with no bottle!
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Jon and Jennifer said...

Jackson is having his surgery on his right tear duct tomorrow as well luckily ours is at 6:00AM!! We'll be praying for Carter!!


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