Sunday, December 6, 2009

Side-by-Side Strollers are no fun!

We have a nice stroller, but to be honest, these kinds of strollers are just no fun! What I don't like is that that the boys have to be squeezed and buckled into this tiny little area. They can barely move around when they are in there and you have to buckle them in or else they would just fall out. I see all these kids in these large, luxurious singleton strollers...lets just say the Cadillac's of strollers and mine is more like a motor cycle. They have all kinds of room to sit up and play with toys. Plus they have all the bells and whistles (if there is such a thing for strollers), they have cup holders, trays for food, cup holders for mom, a nice large basket for storage.
The main reason I picked the one I did is because it collapses easily, fits in my car and I can lift it up. Some of the double strollers are REALLY heavy.
OK, well this was a pretty random post, but thought I would share.
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Jon and Jennifer said...

We LOVE our side by side stroller, the BOB. It doesn't have the cup holders and fun stuff to go across the top although, we could buy those at an additional charge of like $70 something, but it is soooo nice to have it not be the "bus" of a stroller with the front to back one. I wouldn't want them to have full access to their cups or snacks anyways cause they would end up on the floor AND they are WAAYY to busy looking at everyone else to play with toys when in a stroller :) So think of it that way!

Jessica B said...

You can buy accessories for ours too, I think $70ish as well. They are pretty expensive strollers, you would think they could just throw it in! They can barely move in there anyway, so they probably wouldn't be able to extend their arm for a snack anyway:)


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