Sunday, December 6, 2009

A little holiday cheer!

On Saturday night we had a little holiday get-together with the neighbors. Russell Ave never looked so great! I couldn't find a sweater with the holiday sparkle I was looking for, but just couldn't pass up these matching sweaters! That is what I call a goodwill gem! Although I think Wade's reindeer sweater may have been my favorite of the evening. Of course these pictures are misleading because you can't see the lighthouse stitched so nicely on Erika's sweater, my french braid or Beth's pile of jewelry that she had to remove early in the night. But I can see the teddy bears on Kellie's sweater loud and clear. Those were hot!

We also did a little white elephant exchange too. A couple favorites were the Jonas Brothers bag, binder and folder and the Rolodex. I know Mitch spent his day filling up his new Rolodex with all his contacts.

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Kellie said...

Great pics, great time! Thanks for having us! I can't wait to use my bump-it's! :)


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