Monday, December 7, 2009

Can you tell we're having fun?

After being stuck in the house most of the weekend, I decided on Sunday that we probably needed to get the boys out for a while or they were going to go nuts. So we took them to the play center at the Eden Prairie mall. Honestly, I try to avoid these places and can't begin to imagine that amount of germs they boys brought home. But if you can tell by their faces in the pictures, it was totally worth it! They had SO MUCH FUN running around, climbing and going down the slides. Dylan was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. Except when another kid bitch slapped him. That sounds harsh but this kid went up to Dylan, smacked him in the head and then did it again.

Oh and Keith saw a kid wet her pants leaving a circle of pee on the ground and the mom did not clean it up at all. So I guess you should think twice about where you let your kid crawl around.

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Kellie said...

These pics are so great! They have the absolute biggest and best smiles! So cute!


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