Monday, September 20, 2010

While we were boys kept busy!

I think the boys kept Jennifer and Mom on their toes all week!  And they may have entered survival mode towards the end of the week.  They kept busy shopping, going to the zoo, going to a play center,  running around like crazy and grandma gave both boys needed haircuts!  I am glad they were able to get in some quality family time with everyone and they were calling Jennifer "mom" and mom "gammy".   I think they were surprised at just how much trouble three little boys could get into!  

So I believe they spent a lot of time in hot water:
Dressing and redressing the boys, Carter refused to wear his clothes most of the week, then would want them back on, repeat, repeat!
Taking off diapers! - Both boys decided stripping down wasn't quite enough, diapers had to go too!  Not always a pleasant experience according to Jennifer who was on clean up duty.
Lots of time on the potty!  So they would not only find them without their diapers, but they would get up and sit on the toilet, I was surprised by this one and even more surprised they didn't fall in!
Then it was time for a little potty at Grandma's house!  This lasted one day, mom was tired of pulling them on and off, so she had Jennifer pick up a potty, which resided in the kitchen.  I guess it worked well for a while, but then they would fight over it and peed on the floor a few times while waiting their turn (or not really waiting).  I guess Carter really enjoyed this time and would sit there for 20 minutes at a time.  The next day mom had enough and the potty had a new home in the garage!
They figured out the door knobs day 2, so mom had to get some door knob locks so they couldn't get in and out of all the rooms.
And the window lattice!  I guess Cade ran into the kitchen yelling "the boys" and the picture above explains the rest.
The light switches.  This one was somewhat my fault!  They have recently become fascinated by light switches and want me to carry them to the switch to turn on and off.  I made the mistake of showing how they could bring a step stool to one to turn them on and off - I didn't think it was going to turn into such a problem!
Sleepless nights for Grandma!  Dylan woke up 3-5 times a night!  Ouch.... and both were always ready to go by 7:00.
Nap-time challenges!  One day mom went back in to check on them and Dylan pushed his mattress all the way to the door and almost had it positioned so she couldn't get in and out!
The Pocket door.  Cade showed them the pocket door, so that of course was trouble.  Finally mom gave in and taped it shut.  Soon after, the boys brought her the tape, so she had to re-apply several pieces much higher
Elmo movie- they liked it, mom was ready to throw it out the door by the time we got there - I can believe this one!

Needless to say, mom was ready to get a little sleep when we returned and Jennifer was looking forward to returning to work.  THANK YOU GUYS FOR WATCHING THEM!!!  Eight days is certainly a LONG time, especially when they are away from home/daycare.  We owe you guys big time! 


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, those boys were ready to go by 6:10-6:30 at the latest!! However, I would do it again. :))

very merry vintage style said...

Such cute boys! You are a lucky mom!


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