Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're back.....

Can you guess where????
We just returned from an eight day adventure!  This is by far the longest we have been away from the boys, but we had an amazing time on a trip of a lifetime with six great friends in Hawaii!
And with eight people, you can only imagine how many pictures we have, once I get all of them from everyone, you will get a Hawaii picture overload.
As for the boys, they had a fun stay at Grandpa and Grandma Bucklin's house and spent lots of quality time with Aunt Jennifer (AKA Mommy) and cousin Cade.  I think the boys kept everyone on their toes to say the least!  Oh and I shouldn't forget, Stella had a fun vacation at Uncle Jeff's house running around with the big dogs and chasing chickens!
The boys did pretty well with us away and we were even able to talk to them on the phone a little bit.  But since we have been back, we have had a few stage 10 clingers (yep that few includes Stella)!  The boys have freaked out a little about every time I'm out of site, so hopefully daycare drop off goes well in the morning.

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SoMo Mom said...

Super cute blog! Thanks for visiting on my sits day! I think I'm am still reeling from the blog "love"... welcome back to the reality of life after vacation (sigh.)
Stephanie from


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