Tuesday, September 7, 2010

22 months!

They are growing up fast!  Almost two!  And if you can't tell, they have only had two hair cuts.  At this rate, I'm thinking they could dress up as the Bieber twins for Halloween this year. 
So what's happening with Carter and Dylan at 22 months?  I must say, outside of some challenging moments, I am still loving this stage. 

  • Sleeping in our beds has been going MUCH better!  Naps can still be a challenge, but we aren't having near as many issues.

  • They do seem to wake up about three times a night, which I think is crazy since they are about two.  They go back to sleep easily, but that's a lot of lost sleep for mom and mostly dad!

  • Chatter boxes!  This weekend Dylan was on a "mommy" kick, I think he is thinking this word means a lot more than just me. "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" translates to "mommy, pick me up, hold me, I want milk, now, now, I want....."  - Keith said he was getting a little tired of hearing "mommy"

  • Carter is really into bringing me my belongings, he will bring me my phone, hair band, camera, Keith's pedometer and he will be so proud when he gives us these items. Now if Dylan gets a hold of these things he takes off and runs!

  • They just can't get enough of going up and down stairs! Especially Carter!  He will stand at the top of our stairs and scream and try to break our gate.

  • Dylan is still really into wanting us to change his diaper ALL THE TIME!  This morning he had four diapers by 9:00, Carter - one.  I feel like I have a newborn again at this rate.

  • At any given moment one will suddenly be pantless or shirtless

  • We are still using the potty some, the glam of it all has gone away and now they will sit on it a lot, but not let go.  They do enjoy the toilet paper! 

  • It's getting tough to keep things out of reach, they can even reach things on the counters now

  • Carter just LOVES planes and trains

  • A lot of nights Keith and the boys will be eating when I get home from work and the moment the door opens, Dylan always says "Hi Mommy", I love it!

  • Dylan is a GREAT helper!  Every time we get the vacuum out, he gets his broom out and cleans up too.  At night I try to get them to help clean up toys and Dylan always works really hard and puts things away.  Carter helps some too, but loses interest fast.  I guess in this arena, Dylan is a little more like Keith and Carter is a little more like me:)

  • Carter is still obsessed with doors and shoes

  • I'm working with them on being "nice" boys- they both push, pull hair and bite.  I would say the pushing is the worst. 

  • We have to watch what we say because they just repeat everything!  Poor guys got tons of bug bites, but now they keep saying "bug bite"..."bug bite"

  • wipes are probably one of the most popular toys right now

  • Lately they have been into saying things are "broken"

  • They have been really enjoying putting together puzzles and drawing with sidewalk chalk

  • They are into this more milk phase which is driving us crazy.  They have like two drinks of milk and think they need refills.  This happens about eight times a day

  • Shopping trips have been challenging, Carter refuses to stay seated in the cart no matter how tight the belt is

  •  Eating is still a challenge, they are really liking pasta right now, some meat and fruit

  • Carter has gotten even closer to his blanket, I'm lucky if I can make it out of daycare without it

  • They are really into Elmo

  • Every time they get into Keith's truck, they still both say "oh no" and point looking for their movie

  • Dylan's still Momma's boy and Carter is a dadda's boy, although Carter has been snuggling up to me a little more lately

  • They really like to say "no", I'm starting to think they think it is "yes"

  • They have NO FEAR!  They will climb anything or jump off of about anything

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CaraBee said...

We really struggled with sleeping through the night around here until my daughter was close to two. And then one day, she just started sleeping through the night. We don't know what caused her difficulty or what stopped it, but boy howdy were we happy! Good luck!

Regards to your comment, no, you don't need to send me anything. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at carawb@gmail.com. Can't wait to see your post!

Pietigs said...

Can't believe they are almost 2!!! Time goes too fast!


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