Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our first broken arm....

and I say first being realistic since they are only 23 months, I'm thinking we have a couple more of these ahead of us!  (Hopefully NOT!)

Dylan is the lucky man to be sporting a cool new blue cast! About two minutes after arriving to work this morning I received a call from my daycare.  They said Dylan had landed on his arm jumping off, I'm guessing, a climbing toy.  They said he didn't want to get up and was shaking his arm, saying "arm". 
He was so sad when I got to daycare, I instantly knew there was something wrong because I had never seen him like this.  Literally no emotion in his face at all, almost lethargic and really sad.  In the two minutes I talked to the teachers he fell asleep and from the looks of his arm and the way he was holding it, I thought it was probably broken as well. 
Next stop, Metro Peds!  I decided it would probably be a much smoother process than the ER.  Our doctor came out and looked at his arm and sent us for xrays.  This was really the worst part of the entire procedure.  He seemed to do OK as long as his arm wasn't being moved and was slowly pepping up, but the xrays were definitely uncomfortable for him.  And you would thing they would be a little more gentle knowing they are xraying a broken arm! 

We looked at the xrays the minute we got in the elevator and could clearly see a break.  Then they sent us down for one more xray!  And then we could see that both bones were broken!  Poor little guy!  Dr. Stealy put a splint on him and sent us to an orthopedic specialist.  We couldn't get in until this afternoon, so I went to work for a while and Keith stayed with Dylan. I sure couldn't focus much not knowing how things would go with the orthopedic specialist.
I broke my arm when I was 9 and to this day I still remember the pain of the doctor pushing my arm back together, so I was hoping Dylan wouldn't have to go through that or they would at least knock him out. 

The appointment couldn't have gone better!  Unfortunately, we had to get more xrays:(   He confirmed both bones were broken, but the breaks were not near the growth plates and he thought it would heal nicely in a cast and he did not think it would be necessary to manipulate it back into place!!!  He is anticipating that he will be out of the cast in 3 weeks!  That is GREAT!  I expected at least four.  So we go back in one week for an xray to ensure everything is healing properly and then we will just have to wait it out. 
We had those stinky helmets for a couple months, so three weeks will be a breeze in comparison.
They had to put the cast all the way up his arm, otherwise it could easily be pulled off and knowing these two, it would!  He is adjusting pretty well to the cast, it doesn't seem to bother him too much. We bought a couple sippy cups that have handles because he won't be able to drink with his other one.  He's gotten frustrated a couple times trying to pick up too much stuff with one hand and not being able to do it.  I'm sure he will be back to his normal self within a few days! 
Carter was such a great little brother for him today.  They told us that he sat with him and rubbed his back and kept giving him all kinds of kisses when he was crying! 
Look at that, we already got him back to work!! 

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Deb said...

What a strong little dude that Dylan is! And he has a great brother to take care of him when he needs it. I hope it doesn't happen again, but it's nice to know they can tough it out if it does!

Pietigs said...

Poor guy! He does look pretty tough though :) How cute that Carter was rubbing his back. What a good brother!

Andrea said...

SO glad he's ok! He kinda looks cute with a cast!

Jon & Jennifer said...

Ahh Jess I'm so sorry he broke his arm poor little guy!


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