Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We have had the boys for one month already and time has been flying by and it seems like we were just in the hospital trying to take in everything. On the other hand, the last month has been one big blur with our days filled with bottle feedings, diaper changes and minimal sleep. I think we are starting to get a method to this madness and learning how to adjust from life as DINKS (dual income no kids) to a family.
We have been keeping the boys on a three hour schedule, which has been going well for the most part. I think the most challenging part is always getting them back to sleep and keeping them asleep. At first they did so well sleeping next to each other, but now they are now hearing each other and waking each other up. They are really noisy babies, so it doesn’t take much for one to wake up the other during a nap. So, we have been trying to have them nap in different rooms. Our latest challenge is formula! They were getting terrible tummy aches and we were constantly giving them gas drops. We switched to a different formula that helps and they don’t seem to be having as many problems. But now it seems that they don’t really like this formula and are fighting to drink it aren’t getting full feedings, which equals less sleeping for all of us. They seem to like my milk OK, just not this formula. So we will be experimenting with a different kind tonight. Unfortunately, these are spendy experiments. Hopefully they will start to let us get a little more sleep during this second month. Keith hasn’t been waking me up as much looking for the babies in our bed, but I have caught him “shhhing” the monitor three or four times now. I have to kindly remind him that the babies can't hear him when he talks into our part of the monitor. We will have to keep working on this one.

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Kellie said...

Carter is starting to look like his daddy! Especially in that 2nd picture I think! So cute! I need to see them again! It's not like I live far away or anything. :) Haha!


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