Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Monday down...

Dylan, Carter


It is hard to believe the boys will be 4 weeks on Wednesday already. The last few weeks have been one big blur as we are slowly getting used to life as new parents- parents of TWINS!!

Keith still continues to wake me up about once a night in a panic either looking for the babies in the bed or asking me why I have the baby in the bed, which we NEVER do. Hopefully he will grow out of this phase! I have been really testing my flexibility and multitasking capabilities. Somehow I can manage to hold a baby, make some bottles and play with the dog all at once. I have been finding myself bending over all sorts of ways to pick things up while holding babies. Keith has discovered that his toes are long enough that, if needed, he can hold a bottle with his toes. I've yet to see this technique in action!
We have the noisiest boys and they make all kinds of sounds while sleeping. At first they didn't seem to notice each other. Lately though, they have been waking each other up and then when one hears one make noises, the other thinks he needs to make noise too. Needless to say, this behavior makes nap time a struggle for mom. Yes, they seem to be teaming up on me all ready.
Today I realized that I can hardly carry both babies in their car seats at once. This is somewhat of a problem since they are going to continue to get heavier as the boys grow. I guess I should have been lifting some weights in preparation.
We went to the doctor again today! Carter has a terrible rash and it looks like Dylan is getting it too. We seem to be going about once a week and I have been to the Walgreen's pharmacy more times in the last three weeks than I have been in the last three years.


Kellie said...

They are so cute. Too funny that Keith is still waking up at night doing that. :) What a goof!

JLe said...

You guys seem to be doing a great job transitioning into parenthood! Well, except for Keith's crazy dreams. Plus you're doing a great job with the pics and the blog!

Jon & Jennifer said...

Jess, Jon did that too when I would tell him to go check on them...he would say, "well take this one off me and I will"...what a nut. Guys can't take little to no sleep very well!!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter